Hot and spicy Bolt wings, is our tribute to worlds fastest runner Jamaica own Usain Bold!

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Spicy Bolt Wings

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken is world famous. Known for it's spicy island flavors, The chicken is marinated then slowly grilled to infused that smokey aroma and deep flavor. 

Jerk Chicken is a common dish and a staple on the Jamaican table. It can be served with any side dish of your choice. Guaranteed to please.

JamBali Pineapple ToFu is a "must try" for our vegetarian guests.

Tofu seasoned with Chef Michele's special spice blend, is lightly fried to a golden brown then served in a pineapple and bell pepper sauce with white rice.

Pineapple Tofu

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Jambali Café  Bringing people together!

​​Spicy Jerk Chicken

​​​Michele's Jambali Cafeis the first authentic Jamaican Restaurant in Bali,

Jamaican Chef Michele is spreding the love one plate at a time.

Jambali a taste of Jamaica in Bali.  So if you are ever in Ubud please stop in!

Jerk wings  has become one of our most popular appetizer, we had a guest, ordered 30 wings for himself and he cleaned the plate!

Curry Goat

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Jerk  Chicken Wings​

One Love

JamBali Café

Jamaican Curry Goat Stew is a favorite of most visitors to JamBali Café.​

​Local Goat meat marinated in a curry and spice blend, then slow cooked with small cubes of potato until tender to the bone.

Served with white rice, this delicious combination is sure to delight any taste.